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Bid for a council or housing association property

Already on the waiting list for council housing?

  • If you registered via the Homebid website on or before Wednesday, 1 May 2019, you need to create a new My Housing Tenancy account here to make new bids for properties. This is easy to do - you just need your  application reference number. Read the instructions on the registration page carefully.
  • If you have completed an application from February 2019  onwards, and not received an eligibility banding letter, you cannot bid until you receive one.
  • If you have received an eligibility banding letter since Wednesday, 1 May 2019 and you're bidding for the first time, you should create a new My Housing Tenancy account.
  • If you've already registered for bidding through your My Housing Tenancy account, you can sign in to it here.

You can make a bid for a council-owned or housing association property. We used to refer to this as your Homebid application. 

You can't bid if you haven't:

After receiving your eligibility letter, you can register to bid through your 'My Housing Tenancy' online account. This will allow you to search the properties that are available to rent and bid for one that meets your housing needs.

We advertise properties on a weekly cycle. A new batch of properties becomes available at 10.00am on Thursdays. You can bid for one of these properties until midnight on the following Tuesday. We use Wednesdays to start allocating the properties, and then a new cycle of bidding begins at midnight.

You can search properties online when you enter your account. You can place your bid on a property you like. You can move your bid during the bidding cycle.

Before you bid, you should visit the area of the property and be sure you'd like to live there. You should also read our tips for bidding for a council-owned or housing association property.

Register and bid for a property for the first time

Sign in and bid for a property

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