Monitoring and evidence base

Strategic Housing and economic land availability assessment (SHELAA) and ‘call for sites’

We are obliged to carry out a review of our Local Plan to ensure sufficient ‘deliverable’ housing and employment sites are available in the plan period.

In accordance with Government requirements Swindon Borough Council is undertaking a Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA) to identify potential sites and assess whether such sites are deliverable or developable for housing, employment or other economic uses.

The SHELAA is part of the technical evidence base to help inform the preparation of the Local Plan Review and can also be used by those parishes producing Neighbourhood Plans.

The SHELAA only identifies sites with potential for future development. It does not allocate sites to be developed.

The allocation of sites for future development will take place in the Local Plan review or in any locally produced Neighbourhood Plans. Nor does the identification of potential development sites within the SHELAA imply that the council would necessarily grant planning permission for development. 

All applications will continue to be considered against national policies, the Council’s Development Plan and any other relevant material considerations.

The SHELAA Report 2019 and map appendices are available below:

Next steps

Information from the SHELAA will be one input into identifying sites with potential to be allocated for development in the Local Plan review.

It will be considered alongside other planning and environmental policy considerations and in light of the overall number of dwellings and quantum of land for economic uses that needs to be identified.

Call for sites 

The ‘call for sites’ is a call to developers and the wider public to identify potential housing sites (greater than 5 dwellings or 0.15 hectares or larger) and potential sites for economic development (greater than 500m2 of floorspace or 0.15 hectares or larger). 

If you wish to submit a site for consideration, please contact the Forward Planning team at Swindon Borough Council on 01793 466433 or 01793 466513, or e-mail for advice on the information to be submitted.


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