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Brownfield Land Register

The Government is committed to maximising the number of new homes built on suitable brownfield land and has set out its intention to ensure that 90% of suitable brownfield sites have planning permission for housing by 2020.

The Housing and Planning Act 2016 and Brownfield Land Register Regulations 2017 require local authorities to prepare, maintain and publish a register of brownfield land that is suitable for residential-led development. The register will identify previously developed sites in the borough that the Council has assessed as being suitable for housing.

The register comprises a standard set of information, prescribed by the Government, that will be kept up-to-date, and made publicly available, to help provide certainty for developers and communities and encourage investment in local areas. The registers will then be used to monitor the Government’s commitment to the delivery of brownfield sites.

It should be noted that at this stage, the Council has not granted any sites permission in principle (PiP).  Therefore, no sites have yet progressed on to ‘Part 2’ of the register.

You can view the latest sites in the file below:

Eligibility criteria

The eligibility criteria for sites to be included on the Brownfield Land Register is that they must:

  • meet the definition of ‘previously developed land’ in the National Planning Policy Framework
  • be either capable of providing 5 or more dwellings or larger than 0.15 hectares in size
  • be suitable for development (in accordance with planning policy and free of insurmountable constrain)
  • be made available for development within the next 15 years
  • that development must be achievable with no legal or ownership issues

In order to align with the annual housing monitoring survey, the Brownfield Land Register uses the base data of 1 April 2017. The Register must be published at least annually, with the first register published before the 31 December 2017. Work is ongoing on an updated Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (SHELAA), the publication of which will necessitate an update of the Brownfield Land Register. Prior to the publication of an updated SHELAA the Brownfield Land Register comprises:

  • Brownfield sites that have been granted planning permission for residential development and are either under construction or not started;
  • Brownfield sites that are allocated for residential development in the development plan; and
  • Brownfield sites in the 2013 Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment (SHLAA) that have been assessed to be suitable, available and achievable.

The latest SHELAA report can be found on the Strategic Housing and economic land availability assessment webpage.

The Brownfield Land Register is available in the Government’s standard data template format. An additional Geographical Information System (GIS) layer is viewable on iShare below and available for download.

It is important to note that the Brownfield Register sites that do not have planning permission instead have an indicative dwelling capacity attributed to them. This indicative capacity is not a site allocation; rather it is an estimate based on the available evidence and reasonable assumptions and may not accord with any future planning permission granted on the site, which would be subject to more detailed assessment through the development management process.

If you have any questions please call 01793 466513 or email:

If you would like to view a full screen version of the map, go to the Government website.

The data is provided under the Open Government Licence.

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