Right to buy your council home

COVID-19 - Changes to Right to Buy process

Whilst the Right to Buy service continues to be available to council tenants during the pandemic, changes to the process have been put in place to avoid face-to-face consultation. As a result, the ‘collection from home’ service for evidence documentation, has been suspended until further notice. More details are available from the Right to Buy team on 01793 464414

Right to Buy is a nationwide home ownership scheme that gives secure council tenants an opportunity to buy their home at a discounted price.

Before deciding to buy your council home, you should make note of the following:

  • If you are approached by a person or company offering to help you buy your council home, we strongly recommend that you contact us before agreeing to anything. Tenants do not always receive good advice from private companies and individuals offering to help.
  • Some companies offer money in advance, in a deal under which the company ends up owning the property. This is good for the company but not necessarily good for the tenant. Some have even found themselves homeless after agreeing to such deals.
  • Some mortgage providers from outside the Swindon area use door-to-door selling and leaflet-delivery tactics to target Swindon Borough Council tenants. Often tenants will be encouraged to sign up there and then for mortgage services to help them to buy their council house or flat.
  • These companies do not have a connection with Swindon Borough Council, they are not working for us and do not have our approval. We do not condone or support their working practices.
  • Do not sign anything you are not sure about. Consider shopping around to compare what similar services are available elsewhere. If in doubt, don't be pressurised and seek independent advice.
  • For your information, as part of the Council’s normal process, your application will be passed to the Council Corporate Fraud Team for scrutiny

Check what you need to supply with your application 

Before you apply, it is important you have all the relevant information. The related documents below will provide further advice:

If you do decide to complete the Right to Buy application form (RTB1), you will need to read through the guidance notes on page 18 and 19 of the ‘Want to make your home your own guide’ above. This will reduce the risk of the form being completed incorrectly, being returned to you for correction or, your Right to Buy being denied. 

You may share the Right to Buy with your family member if they have lived with you for the last 12 months. If you are applying with family members, you will need to provide proof of residency for the last 12 months.

You also need to check that you have the relevant documents. These may include:

  • two valid forms of identification
  • two documents with proof of address
  • proof of residency for the last 12 months

There are further examples given in the ‘Documentary evidence of identity and proof of address’ document above.

Applying for the Right to Buy scheme 

When you are sure you have all the relevant information, you can complete the following form:

Right to Buy online application (gov.uk form)

What to do next

Call the Right to Buy Officer on 01793 464414 to make a mutually agreed appointment. You should note that each applicant must be available to attend this appointment. You will also need to bring all the requested documents for each applicant applying for the Right to Buy with you.

The appointment will take place at:

Wat Tyler House
Beckhampton Street
SN1 2JG 

Further information

Free advice and assistance is available by contacting the Right to Buy Officer on 01793 464414. This includes home visits in normal office hours.

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