Burial at a Swindon cemetery

Existing graves and ownership

Burials in existing family graves

If you already have a family plot in Radnor Street cemetery or Whitworth Road cemetery, it may be possible for a further burial or burial of cremated remains to take place. To re-open an existing grave, full permission is required from the registered grave owner. In the event of their registered owner's death, we would need to establish their next of kin.


As the registered owner of a grave, you have the right to be interred there without permission from anyone else. Any rights to memorial erection or interments can only be carried out with owner's permission.

Transfer of burial rights

It is possible to transfer burial rights to another family member or person of your choice. By law, we are required to update our manual and electronic records. We will also write to the new grave owner informing them the transfer has been made.

For the current fee, please contact us.

Un-purchased or "paupers" graves

There are graves where multiple burials have taken place, especially in older cemeteries. These plots were not purchased by anyone, and instead were paid for by public health. In these circumstances, there is no grave ownership, so no form of memorialisation is permitted. If you have any queries relating to one of these graves, please contact us.

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