Report a seat, railing, bike stand or street furniture problem

We responsible for the maintenance and repair of council-owned street furniture such as:

  • street seats and benches
  • cycle stands
  • barriers and bollards
  • railings
  • footbridges
  • gates and fences

Report a problem

To help us give the highest priority to the most urgent issues when reporting a problem please indicate:

  1. The road, footpath or green space on which the street furniture is located on or near to
  2. Where the problem is located (i.e. outside House No.25)
  3. The type of street furniture that is affected

If the problem is with an illuminated bollard, please report a street lighting problem.

If the problem is with a bus stop or shelter, please report a problem with a bus stop or shelter.

Report a street furniture problem

Response times

Items that are either a serious risk to public safety or have graffiti that is offensive or racist in nature are assessed as a Level 1 and will be inspected within one hour with a view to resolving the issue quickly.

Where there is a minimal risk to public safety, the item will be assessed as a Level 2 and we will inspect within ten working days.

Where a replacement items is required, we are unable to be specific about timescales due to the manufacturing process.

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