Important ID requirements for local elections on 3 May 2018

Anyone who lives and votes in the Borough of Swindon will be required to bring their poll card as a form of ID to vote in the local elections on 3 May 2018.

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Report a faulty traffic signal

Traffic signals include:

  • Traffic lights
  • Pedestrian crossings (Pelican, Puffin and Toucan crossings)
  • Any other kind of illuminated traffic management apparatus

Although these are regularly inspected and maintained, we are grateful for help from the public in alerting us to faults and failures as they occur.

Please report any problems using the online form below. You will initially be asked to create a My Account before you can access the form.

Report a fault with a traffic light online

If you consider the problem to be a danger to public safety or a potentially serious hazard for road users, please call StreetSmart on 01793 445501 (Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm) or on 01793 466453 at all other times.

Please include:

  • A description of the fault
  • The exact location
  • Any reference number on the equipment … but please don't put yourself in any danger to obtain this

A list of traffic signal locations, numbers and specific equipment is available to download below:

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Please don't include personal information such as your name and address.