Report a pothole

Swindon Borough Council is responsible for the repair of patches and potholes to all roads, highways, footpaths and cycle ways within the Borough.

Please report problems with the A419 or M4 to Highways England.

Report a problem

To help us give the highest priority to the most urgent repairs when reporting a problem please indicate:

  1. The road or footpath on which the defect is located
  2. Where on the road or footpath the defect is located (i.e. outside House No.25)
  3. The approximate width and depth of the defect

Report a road or highway problem online

No action is taken if the pothole is less than 31mm deep on a road, or less than 26mm deep on a footpath or cycleway

Response times 

Potholes in excess of 40mm are repaired within 24 hours of identification.

All other potholes are assessed and are repaired within 6 weeks of identification.

The repair of potholes may not be possible due to adverse weather such as heavy rain or freezing temperatures.

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