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Swindon Borough Council is responsible for the repair of all public roads, pavements and cycle paths within the borough. We do not maintain the A419 or M4 so please report any issues with those roads to Highways England.

The highways team work all year round to repair any damage to the borough’s highways network which includes roads, pavements and lighting. In 2017 we fixed over 5900 potholes and other damaged areas. That equates to completing more than 20 repairs every working day of the year.

The Council has been working hard to repair Swindon’s roads with 8,004 potholes and patch repairs of footpaths, cycle paths and roads completed in the borough between 1 June 2017 and 31 May 2018. This was in response to only 774 reports of potholes from residents during the same time period.

You can find out more about our response times, how we decide on what we repair and other information about our service on the Pothole Repair - Questions and Answers page.

Report a problem

Reporting a pothole to us is very helpful because it allows us to identify damage we may otherwise not know about, allowing us to better maintain our roads, pavements and cycle paths.

To help us give the highest priority to the most urgent repairs when reporting a problem please indicate:

  1. The road or footpath on which the damage is located
  2. Where on the road or footpath the damage is located for example, outside house number 25
  3. The approximate width and depth of the damage

Report a pothole online

We aim to inspect a reported pothole within four working days. 

We aim to fix all potholes over 40mm in depth within 24 hours of it being inspected. Anything under 40mm will be assessed and potentially scheduled for work at a later date. 

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