School travel support

Free school travel for students from low income families

Students from families whose parents or guardians receive Universal Credit may be eligible for free school travel.

To be eligible, you must meet all the following criteria for the relevant type of school. Before you apply, check that you are eligible and make sure you have the supporting documents you need.

Primary school

  • Child is aged between eight and 11
  • Child attends a school in your transport zone
  • School is over two miles from the child's home

Secondary school

  • Child is aged between 11 and 16
  • Child attends one of the three nearest schools to their home
  • School is between two and six miles from the child’s home


  • You have moved home while the child is in year 10 or 11
  • School is now more than three miles from the child’s new home

 What you’ll need

You need to scan and upload these documents to support your online application:

  • proof you receive Universal Credit, such as a recent statement
  • a supporting statement from an appointed authority of your religion or belief (if applying on grounds of religion)

Apply for school travel support

Response time

We will process your request within ten working days. If we refuse your application, you can only re-apply if there is a change in your circumstances.

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