Report flooding caused by a blocked gully, ditch or stream

We have a continuous rolling programme to clean and maintain the gullies that run along the edges of the road near the kerbside. We are also responsible for the care and maintenance of ditches and streams (watercourses), which are located on publicly owned land.

All other watercourses are the responsibility of either the private landowner or Environment Agency.

Report a problem

To help us give the highest priority to the most urgent issues, when reporting a problem we will need to know the following:

  1. Whether the gulley or watercourse is causing flooding to part of a road, footpath or restricting access
  2. The road or footpath closest to or on which the defect is located
  3. Where on the road or footpath the defect is located (i.e. outside House No.25)

Report a flooding issue

Response times

Problems which present an immediate or imminent risk to the public are assessed, inspected and made safe within 1 hour of being reported. Permanent repair work will follow within 6 weeks.

Problems of a less severe nature are inspected within 10 working days, with permanent repair work scheduled in to the maintenance programme.

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