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Customer complaints, comments and feedback

Your opinion counts

We are committed to putting you, our customers first. That means we're always pleased to hear what you have to say about the services we provide, whether you are a resident, business or visitor to Swindon Borough Council.

By letting us know what you think - when we are doing a good job and when you think we can do better - you'll be helping us to improve the Council for everybody. 

Our promises to you 

Whenever you contact us with your feedback, good or bad, you can be assured we will: 

  • Always listen to what you have to say 
  • Ensure we put you through the correct Complaint Stage Process
  • Treat you honestly, fairly and politely 
  • Give you help and advice as quickly as we can 
  • Respect your individual needs and your right to privacy 
  • Keep you informed about what's happening 
  • Take action, where appropriate, to improve our service to you 

Is it a complaint, or a service request?

Service requests and complaints are slightly different. A service request is a contact from a customer that brings a matter to the council's attention for the first time, and requests a service offered by the council, for example, reporting a missed bin or telling us about noise nuisance.

A complaint is a where the customer expresses dissatisfaction about the standard of a service, actions, or lack of actions by the council and its staff.

Complete the online form below for the service you require. You will initially be asked to create a My Account to enable you to access the form.

Compliments, comments and complaints online form


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