Proceedings for bankruptcy or liquidation for unpaid Council Tax

If you, or your company, owe Council Tax or Business Rates and you have been summonsed, we may start bankruptcy or liquidation proceedings against you. We will send you a statutory demand which will give you 21 days to pay us the full amount. At this point you should contact us immediately.

If you do not settle the statutory demand, we will present a petition for bankruptcy or liquidation in the high court.

Bankruptcy order

If we issue a bankruptcy order against you, this will mean:

  • the official receiver will investigate your affairs
  • your bank accounts will be frozen
  • you will lose your credit rating and be blacklisted from getting any more credit
  • you could be forced to sell your home to pay your debts

If you are made bankrupt, the official receiver will control your spending.

Liquidation order

If a liquidation order is granted against your company, this will mean:

  • you may not be allowed to be a company director
  • your company will be wound up by the official receiver

It is important that you do not ignore the statutory demand.

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