Needs assessment for an EHC plan

If you think your child or young person needs an education, health and care (EHC) plan, they will first need a statutory needs assessment.

You should first discuss this with your child’s school or early years setting SENCO or with the college. The majority of applications for statutory assessment we receive are coordinated by the child’s or young person’s school, college or early years setting.

Requesting a statutory needs assessment

To request a statutory needs assessment for yourself as a young person or for your child as their parent or carer you can either:

  • email it in writing directly to
  • discuss it with the school/college/setting, who can coordinate the application and all the relevant evidence
  • discuss it with another professional or key worker you work with, who can then make a request on your behalf


EHC plan Easy Read

Our Easy Read document helps people understand what an EHC plan is. 

It is designed to be easy to understand for people who may have difficulty reading standard leaflets. 

More information

More detailed information on the statutory needs assessment, EHC plan and the ongoing monitoring of a plan in Swindon.

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