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Integrated transport schemes

Local cycling and walking infrastructure plan (LCWIP)

Swindon has been preparing a local cycling and walking infrastructure plan (LCWIP) following guidance issued by the Department for Transport last year. A series of possible new cycle routes throughout the borough have now been assessed, along with plans to improve pedestrian paths to and within the borough’s main District Centres – the town centre, Old Town, West Swindon, the Orbital shopping centre and Gorse Hill (Cricklade Road).

The potential new routes and identification of other improvements for cyclists are due to be discussed with the Swindon Cycling Campaign early in the summer. Work is also well underway on identification of the main pedestrian routes to and from the most important local shopping centres, how the effect of any barriers can be lessened and facilities generally improved.  

A prioritised programme of recommendations for improvements will then be produced and used as a basis for future funding bids.

The preparations stages are shown in the table below:

Stage Name Description
1 Determining scope Establish the geographical extent of the LCWIP and arrangements for governing and preparing the plan.
2 Gathering information Identify existing patterns of walking and cycling and potential new journeys.Review existing conditions and identify barriers to walking and cycling. Review related transport and land use policies and programmes.
3 Network planning for cycling Identify origin and destination points and cycle flows. Convert flows into a network of routes and determine the type of improvement required.
4 Network planning for walking Identify key trip generators, core walking zones and routes, audit existing provision and determine the types of improvement required.
5 Prioritising improvements Prioritise improvements to develop a phased programme for future investment
6 Integration and application Integrate outputs into local planning and transport policies, strategies and delivery plans.
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