Fleming Way improvements

Over the next three years we are leading over £100 million of investment in town centre projects to upgrade transport links, the public realm, heritage assets and catalyse the regeneration of a 20-acre site next to Zurich’s new offices.

This will help to stimulate further investment in the town centre by increasing land values and making it more attractive for investors to bring forward new homes, offices, shops and leisure facilities.

A key project will see the major upgrade and transformation of Fleming Way as the main gateway to the town centre. For both residents and visitors, it will improve connectivity between the train station and the town centre, creating a safer, easier to understand route through the town centre.

This involves:

  • Building a new bus interchange
  • Vastly improving public open spaces
  • Introducing new cycle lane facilities that link up the main cycling routes across the town

The Fleming Way subway will be removed to make the road the same level as the town centre shopping area and The Parade.

Confirming the project completion date is dependent on the timings and completion of utility work by third parties outside the Council’s direct control. Once this utility work has been completed during 2024, we will be able to confirm the expected overall project completion date.

This video gives an aerial overview of the key improvements: 

Before and after images looking towards Zurich’s new ‘Unity Place’ building:

Image showing computer-generated outcome of the Fleming Way improvement scheme compared to a current day photograph

Coloured aerial illustration of Fleming Way outlining nine key improvements

Read the frequently asked questions about the Fleming Way improvements and the impact on journeys from September 2022 or sign-up to the project newsletter for updates.

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