Fleming Way Bus Boulevard scheme

The purpose of the Bus Boulevard scheme

The Fleming Way Bus Boulevard is important for a number of reasons.

Town Centre regeneration

The Fleming Way Bus Boulevard will be developed to complement other town centre regeneration schemes, for example, the Kimmerfields development to the north of Fleming Way, the Active Travel Fund Station Road cycle scheme and the Heritage Action Zone work.

Upgrading the ageing bus facilities in the town centre

As part of the Kimmerfields development, the existing bus station will be demolished after completing the Bus Boulevard project. The removal of the old bus station will enable us to deliver new homes and offices, bringing more people to live and work in the town centre.

Green credentials

The introduction of more greenery with planting trees and shrubs will improve biodiversity in the town centre.


It will improve connectivity between the train station and the town centre, creating a safer, easier to understand route through our town centre.

Improving pedestrians and cycle movements

Cycle routes will be created through the town centre where none currently exist, making access easier.

Improving the bus user experience and convenience

All buses will operate from a single location rather than being split between the bus station and Fleming Way bus stops.

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