Town gardens

The Bowl

Which opened in 1936 is one of only a handful built in this county and is an amazing architectural feature. The Bowl was restored in the 1990's and is now the venue for regular summer concerts.

The refreshment kiosk

Built in 1914 as a trade stand for the Great Western Railway, the Cafe once travelled the country visiting large shows and exhibitions before being sold to the Council.

The bandstand

The original feature of the gardens, though it has been altered. Years ago it had a simple weather vane instead of the clock you now see.

In 1912 the Gardens were the venue for a benefit concert for the Titanic victims' families.

The aviary and pond

Built in 1994 as part of the Town Gardens Centenary Celebrations. It replaced an earlier aviary that had stood at the Gardens since 1928. The birds have always been a very popular attraction for local children. The pond, dating from 1894, was originally an oval shape with a small island and fountain in the middle. In the 1930s the pond was changed to the shape that is seen today.

For opening times and directions, see the Town Gardens directory.

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