Shaw Forest Park

Shaw Forest Park is currently a 40-hectare community woodland approximately 3km north-west of the centre of Swindon. There is a small car park on site, accessed via Mead Way at the Hillmead Roundabout, which is free of charge.

Originally Old Shaw Farm Landfill, it has slowly reforested over a number of years. It now boasts an array of habitats ranging from ash/willow woodlands to scrub land containing juniper and alder. Shaw Forest Park is wholly owned by Swindon Borough Council.

The Council's Ranger Team manages the park with the help of the Volunteer Rangers and other interested groups including strong input from the Shaw Residents Association.

The park provides an exceptionally wide range of habitats, such as:

  • Hedgerows
  • Wildflower meadows
  • Woodlands
  • Grassland
  • Wetlands
  • A couple of ponds recently improved for amphibian species

These habitats are home to a correspondingly large variety of life, including:

  • Birds of prey
  • Several bird species considered rare
  • Wildfowl
  • Amphibians
  • Invertebrates
  • Large mammals (including roe deer and foxes)
  • Bats

Dogs are welcome!


The Ranger Team organizes a large number of fun and educational events - for full details please see our Events Calendar


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