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When you have submitted your application and it has been validated or approved (depending on the type of application) you must give us notice when you wish to commence work. The Building Control Surveyor will visit site and let you know at what stages of your project he/she would like inspect.

The following are typical stages that may require an inspection, although it does depend on the type of work carried out so they may not all apply to your project. If you are concerned or know about work being carried out without a valid building control application being submitted to the Council please let us know.

1. Commencement
2. Excavation for foundations (prior to concrete being poured)
3. Damp Proof course
4. Oversite with damp proof membrane laid if appropriate
5. Laying of drains prior to back filling
6. Drains backfilled and ready for testing for water tightness
7. Structural Timbers
8. Completion

The amount of inspections can also depend on the work and tis will be agreed between the Building Control Surveyor and the client upon commencement of work.

If you would like to request a building inspection, you can contact the Building Control Team by using the online form below. You will be asked to create a My Account before you can complete the form.

Request a building inspection online

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