Apply to demolish a building or structure

If you intend to demolish a building over 50 cubic metres you must notify us in writing giving at least six week’s notice. You should also ensure that a copy of the notification is given to all the public utilities and any adjoining property owners. If the property is a dwelling house or flat you must also contact the Planning Team.

You can notify us of a proposed demolition by using the following form where a particular sized building or part of a building is to be demolished. Before completing the notification form however, you must read the Demolition Notice Information (PDF)

Notification of a demolition is not required where:

  • the building is less than 1750 cubic feet, measured externally (approximately 50 cubic metres)
  • the demolition is of an internal part of any occupied building, which is intended to remain occupied
  • the building is a greenhouse, conservatory, shed or prefabricated garage, even if the building forms part of a larger building
  • certain agricultural building, unless it is near or touching another building that is not an agricultural building
  • a demolition order under the Housing Act 1985 has been served

Notifying the local authority

When you notify us, we will issue a ‘Section 81 Notice’ that contains requirements and conditions specifying how the demolition should be undertaken. This notice will also be copied to the utility companies as they may also have specific requirements.

Subject to the complexity of the demolition, it may be necessary to charge for this service.

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