View building regulations technical guidance notes and documentation

Technical guidance notes

These technical guidance notes are intended for use by construction industry professionals however, the information they contain relates to many aspects of the Building Regulations that non-professionals may also find useful.

Please note that these documents are supplied for guidance only and do not constitute a definitive or comprehensive interpretation of the Building Regulations. If you are in any doubt about the information they contain, or if you are uncertain about any aspect of building works being planned or in-progress, contact the Building Control Team.

The guidance notes are listed below:

Approved documents

Building Regulations are regularly being updated and consist of Approved Documents A to P. A brief explanation of each with links to the relevant document, can be found on the Planning Portal (Approved Documents) website.

Building regulation records

Details of the Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) documents can be found in the document downloads below:

The alternative options available to the Council in making the decision comprise: Accept, Reject, Conditional Approval, Full Approval.

Where a decision has been taken to accept or approve, it has been deemed that the proposal is in compliance with the Building Regulations.

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