Parking enforcement

Under the Traffic Management Act of 2004, we are authorised to enforce parking restrictions within the borough.

You can use our TraffWeb map to view parking restrictions on your street and Swindon Borough Council’s wider road network. 

Any parking restrictions that are not shown on TraffWeb are not enforceable by Swindon Borough Council. Restrictions on private land are subject to enforcement by the land owner, or their nominated enforcement private parking operator, under contract law.

Instances of dangerous parking, for example, parking within 10 metres of a junction where there are no restrictions in place, or parking on the pavement, are a criminal offence against which enforcement action may only be taken by the Police.

If there are restrictions in place, you can request an enforcement visit or report any contraventions of those restrictions to us, using the online form below.

Please note: Vehicles may be parked with a virtual permit. Whilst it looks like it is parking in contravention, it may not be. Blue Badge holders are also exempt from some restrictions. We do not report back our findings when following up a visit in a location due to GDPR restrictions.

If a Civil Enforcement Officer has reasonable cause to believe that a vehicle has committed a parking contravention, they will issue a Penalty Charge Notice (PCN). The notice must be affixed to the vehicle or handed to the person who appears to be in charge of the vehicle.

The notice will give full details of the contravention, vehicle registration and instructions on how to pay or challenge the PCN.

Report a parking enforcement issue

If you think new or different parking restrictions are required somewhere, you can enquire about parking controls.

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