Parking enforcement camera car

Image of the permit holders street sign

The car is used as a tool to provide a better service to residents living in our resident parking zones. It enables us to monitor more streets in the same period of time.

The car does not automatically issue tickets as it drives through resident zones. It identifies the vehicles which do not have a valid permit. An officer then physically checks the vehicles identified before any parking tickets are issued.

Image of the street view with road markingsIn the past we were unable to provide adequate enforcement for “no stopping” zones outside schools (marked by yellow zig-zag road markings), where there is a real health and safety risk to children and parents.

We receive numerous complaints about how vehicles are being parked with no due care and attention to the regulations in place.

The camera aims to change this behaviour around school locations.

Image of the parking enforcement carThe car is also used to enforce bus stop clearway restrictions. These restrictions are in place to allow buses to pull up to the edge of the kerb at bus stops to allow passengers to board and alight in safety. This is particularly important for members of the community who may use a wheelchair and supports the obligation to provide an accessible public transport system.


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