Parking permits

Renew a residents parking permit

A renewal reminder is sent to holders of Residents' Parking Permits approximately 21 days before the expiry date of the current permit. Please allow 14 days following your 'application to renew' for your permit to be processed and received.

Please Note:-

  • If you have not received your reminder within 14 days of expiry please contact us so that a duplicate application can be sent (telephone 01793 445506 or e-mail:
  • It is your responsibility to ensure a valid permit is displayed; the Council cannot accept responsibility for late applications or delays in the postal service resulting in non-receipt or late arrival of permits.

To renew your Resident Permit Online you must have been sent a reminder from the Parking Department. On the reminder you will find a Web Code to allow you to renew your permit if you continue to live at the same address and drive the same vehicle.

Renew Your Resident Parking Permit online

If you do not have a Web Code you will firstly need to make a new application.

Surrendering your residents parking permit

If you surrender a Residents Parking Permit, you are entitled to a refund based on the number of months used versus the number of complete months remaining. To receive a refund, your Residents Permit must be sent back to us.

Please be aware that, if you use a postal service to send us a surrender request (including the old permit), the Council can only make a refund based on the actual date of receipt and cannot be held responsible for any:

  • Postal delays.
  • Loss during transit.
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