Parking permits

Apply for or change a residents parking permit

If you are applying for a Resident Permit for the first time at your current address, or if your vehicle details have changed since your last renewal, please use the online option below.
Please note – If your vehicle details have changed, you need to complete the new application option.
The permit will be sent to you by post. This can take up to 10 working days for delivery.

If you will be parking your vehicle in a resident space during that time, write the following details on a piece of paper and display the paper on your vehicle dashboard:

  • the reference number that you receive on your email acknowledgement
  • the date of your application

This is so our Civil Enforcement Officers will know you are able to park there.

Paper permits need to be displayed once received. If you have not received the permit after 10 working days then contact

Failure to display the permit may lead to the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice.

It is your responsibility to ensure you are entitled to a resident permit, read the full terms and conditions before agreeing that you are entitled to apply for a permit.

Apply for your Resident Parking Permit online

Alternatively, a paper application form is also available. This form can be downloaded, printed and posted to us at the address below: 

Please note: The resident parking scheme runs from Monday to Saturday, inclusive of bank holidays.

Swindon Direct
(Parking Administration)
Wat Tyler House West
Beckhampton Street

Tel: 01793 445506
Fax: 01793 463347


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