Apply or re-apply for a Blue Badge

If your Blue Badge application is unsuccessful

If your Blue Badge application is unsuccessful you have the right to appeal the decision. Your application must have been made within the last three months and the appeal should be made within 28 days of the decision. 

If you wish to make an appeal you must contact the community rehabilitation team on the telephone number in your refusal e-mail or letter. If you need to leave a message on this number leave your name, contact number and the reasons for your appeal. Please note, this is not a general Blue Badge enquiry line and should only be used to make an appeal if your application has been unsuccessful. If you have any queries regarding your Blue Badge, please contact us

The appeal assessment will be carried out by a health professional who will compile a report and notify you of the decision within 28 days.

If your application is still refused, there is no further right of appeal but you will be able to re-apply for a Blue Badge if your circumstances change.

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