Swindon's twin towns

Ocotal - twin town in Nicaragua

Ocotal is a town with a population of 35,000 people and growing. It is situated in the wild, forested mountains of the northern part of Nicaragua, close to the border with Honduras in the Department of Nueva Segovia.

Swindon Ocotal link

Links between Swindon and Ocotal are promoted by an organisation called Swindon Ocotal Link (SOL).

SOL is a town-twinning organisation which links the people of Swindon and Ocotal in Nicaragua together. It is also a legally constituted charitable organisation.

SOL works at a number of different levels. It promotes the very important civic link between the two communities of Swindon and Ocotal. SOL also promotes direct linking between groups and organisations, including school and hospital links, and supports a variety of development projects in Ocotal.

To find out more about SOL, please see the Swindon Ocotal Link website or email Swindon Ocotal Link at solswindon@ukonline.co.uk

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