Swindon's twin towns

Salzgitter - twin town in Germany

Salzgitter is a dynamic new town that made its way through difficult times to a confident future. Much like Swindon, Salzgitter has reinvented itself to face the challenges of a changing industrial environment and to build a prosperous and thriving town. These parallels with Swindon’s industrial and commercial past demonstrate just how appropriate and important the agreement to twin has been for both communities.

Swindon Salzgitter twinning association

The association's aim is to further expand the knowledge of culture, education, industrial and political interests between Swindon and Salzgitter. We do this principally by making visits to Salzgitter every other year and welcoming visits to Swindon between years.


Membership is open to everyone living in and around Swindon, who agree with the association’s aims and objectives and its equal opportunities policy.

Membership runs from 1 November to 31 October each year and currently costs £10 per member.

The Annual General Meeting is held in October and, during the year, business meetings and social events occur in alternate months.


Hosting involves people staying in each other’s homes during visits and is a crucial part of twinning. It is hoped that all members will be able to host but if that is not possible, members may still take part in the planned events.

Social events and activities

The association organises social gatherings at members’ homes and sets up other activities when the demand arises.

Visits to Salzgitter

We visit Salzgitter in alternate years. The Committee makes the arrangements for transport from Swindon to Hannover and our friends in Salzgitter take over from there. They organise the accommodation and the programme of events. There is no charge to us.

The journey is usually made by coach to the airport and then a flight to Hannover. Members bear their share of the costs of the coach and flight.

Visits from Salzgitter

Visits take place in alternate years. The Committee arranges transport between the airport and Swindon. The group from Salzgitter stay in the homes of Swindon members. All costs of accommodation, food, transport and their entry to events fall to the hosts.

The Committee organises the programme of events which is usually a mixture of organised activities and free time for guests to be with their hosts.

Contact information

For anyone interested in receiving more information about the Swindon Salzgitter Twinning Association, call us on 01793 737129.

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