How to prevent crime

Swindon Community Safety Partnership

Swindon Borough Council is an active member of the Swindon Community Safety Partnership, which is working to beat crime and the fear of crime, reduce anti-social behaviour and substance abuse. The partnership backs schemes to support victims of domestic violence and organises Neighbourhood Safety Teams (NeSTs) allowing residents to identify community safety concerns in their areas and work to find solutions to improve quality of life.

For further information, go to the Community Safety Partnership website.

Neighbourhood wardens

For more information about Neighbourhood Wardens, refer to the Neighbourhood Warden webpage.

CCTV network

Swindon Borough Council has a network of cameras covering the following areas:

  • Pinehurst 
  • Penhill 
  • Park South 
  • Park North 
  • West Swindon 
  • Eldene 
  • Stratton St Margaret 
  • Walcot East

All our cameras are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days per year; and our control room is staffed by Swindon Borough Council employees working in partnership with Wiltshire Police, the Crime and Disorder Team and local communities.

Further information

Housing Manager
Wat Tyler House East
Euclid Street

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