Corporate fraud

What is Fraud?

Fraud is when someone knowingly makes a false statement to gain something of value (usually money or property) or to cause loss to another individual/organisation.

Fraud is a criminal offence and if we find out that someone is defrauding Swindon Borough Council in any way we will investigate them. If we have enough evidence to prove that a person is committing fraud they may receive be prosecuted or receive an official caution which could result in a criminal record and a prison sentence or fine.

People are committing fraud if they:

  • Claim Council money they are not entitled to. This includes payments for contracts, supplies, grants or claiming for council services they aren’t entitled to
  • Steal or misuse Council resources - this includes stores, equipment, vehicles   or buildings
  • Claim housing they are not entitled to or let out their home illegally - see Housing Fraud for more details
  • Claim single person or non-occupancy discounts for Council Tax Support they are not entitled to
  • Use a Blue badge which belongs to another person or use a Blue Badge when the badge holder is not in the vehicle

This is not an exhaustive list and there are many other examples of fraud that have been reported.

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