Houses in multiple occupation

Renew an HMO licence

You should begin to renew your licence around 90 days before it is due to expire. This is so that we have sufficient time to issue the new licence before your existing licence lapses.  If the licence lapses, you will have to apply for a new licence at additional cost.

You can only renew an HMO licence on the same terms as the existing licence. You cannot renew your licence if you have made any significant changes to the HMO.

Supporting documents

You need the following documents to support an application for an HMO licence:

  • Annual gas safety certificate
  • Annual fire detection system service or commissioning certificate
  • Fire safety risk assessment (if you have one)
  • Valid periodic electrical installation condition report showing no C1 and C2 observations

Renewal fees

It is cheaper to make and pay for your renewal online. This is because online applications take less processing time. If you renew online, you will receive e-mail reminders to submit your documents and to renew your licence.

Number of occupants in HMO Mode of application First part payment (on application)* Final payment (on licence approval) Total 
Up to 10 occupants Online  £470.00 £563.84 £1030.84
Paper £618.48 £654.89 £1,273.37
More than 10 occupants Online £557.87 £654.89 £1,212.75
Paper £709.45 £745.85 £1,455.30


Renew an HMO licence

If you wish to make a paper application at a higher fee, you can request a renewal application form via email to

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