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Apply for an HMO licence

COVID-19 guidance for landlords and tenants

During the current pandemic it will be challenging for landlords or property managers to carry out routine management and repair to rental properties. Many of those who live in this accommodation may also struggle to make rent payments.

The Government has recently published non-statutory guidance for both landlords and tenants which provides key information about:

  • possession proceedings that now require at least 3 months’ notice
  • the suspension of current housing possession cases in courts
  • property access and safety

It is paramount that landlords or property managers make themselves familiar with this guidance to ensure that properties continue to be well managed so that tenants can live in safe and suitable accommodation.

COVID-19 and renting guidance at GOV.UK

We usually issue an HMO licence for five years. In exceptional cases, we may issue a licence for a shorter period.

Supporting documents

You need the following documents to support an application for an HMO licence:

  • Annual gas safety certificate
  • Annual fire detection system service or commissioning certificate
  • Fire safety risk assessment (if you have one)
  • Valid periodic electrical installation condition report showing no C1 and C2 observations
  • Title document or leasehold agreement that shows you are the ‘person in control’ of the HMO

Application fees

It is cheaper to make and pay for your application online. This is because online applications take less processing time. If you apply online, you will receive e-mail reminders to submit your documents and to renew your licence.

Number of occupants in HMO Mode of application First part payment (on application)* Final payment (on licence approval) Total 
Up to 10 occupants Online  £598.50 £504 £1,102.50
Paper £729.75 £582.75 £1,312.50
More than 10 occupants Online £677.25 £582.75 £1,260
Paper £808.50 £661.50 £1,470


Please open and read the following guidance document when completing your online application form:

Apply for an HMO licence

If you wish to make a paper application at a higher fee, you can request an application form via email to

Application process

Once you submit your application, we will contact you to inspect the property. During the inspection, we will assess whether the HMO meets local and national standards for space, basic amenities and fire safety.

Response time

It can take us up to 60 days to carry out all our inspections and issue a licence. We will request your final payment before we issue the licence.

Routine inspections and certificate checks

We will do regular inspections throughout the duration of your licence.

Our inspection officer will:

  • audit you against the conditions of your licence
  • identify any management regulations violation
  • identify any defects or deficiencies in the HMO because of disrepair 

We may inspect the HMO without notice, especially if we receive complaints.

We will also e-mail you annually to ask for the latest certificates and documents.

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