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The Superintendent Registrar has custody of all the completed registers of births, marriages and deaths in the Swindon district since 1837, and has the responsibility for supplying applicants with certificates (certified copies of entries) on request, providing that enough information is given for the required entry to be identified.

How to apply

Online applications

You can order birth, death, marriage and civil partnership certificates online but only for events that have happened and have been registered in Swindon:

Apply for a Births, Deaths and Marriages Certificate Online

In-person applications

You can also apply in person by completing an application form. A member of staff will assist you if necessary.

  • Standard service is normally issued in ten working days
  • Priority service will be issued in 24hours
  • If the record you have applied for is not held in Swindon, we will tell you which register office holds it

Certificate fees

Type of service  Fee per certified copy
Standard service  £11.00 including 2nd class post
Priority service (orders before 3.00pm)  £35.00 including 1st class post

Information you will need to provide

In order for us to identify the correct entry, also provide as much information as possible.

 Type of certificate Information required
 Birth certificates
  • Full names (including surname)
  • Date and place of birth
  • Parents' names
  • Mother's maiden name (if appropriate)
 Marriage certificates
  • Full name(s) (including surnames) of parties to the marriage
  • Date and place of marriage (e.g: register office, name of church or other building)
 Death certificates
  • Full name(s) (including surname) of the deceased
  • Date and place of death

Searching the records

The public are not permitted access to the original records but can search the indexes of the records held at the Swindon Register Office for a period of six successive hours. If you wish to conduct a general search, please contact us to make an appointment.

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