Correcting a birth, death or marriage registration

If you have discovered an error in a registration, it may be possible to arrange for the entry to be corrected.

You will need to complete an application form and from 1 November 2017, pay a fee of either £75.00 or £90.00. The amount you pay will depend on whether it can be authorised locally, or whether it needs to go to the General Register Office. A further fee will be payable if you wish to purchase a new certificate.

You will need to prove that the information given at the time of registration was wrong. You will have to produce documents that were valid around the date of the registration that clearly show the correct information.

The original information on the registration will not change, but the corrected information will be written in the margin of the entry. New certificates will therefore show both the original information and the correcting marginal note.

The website provides further information. You can access this information below:


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