Register a birth

Who should register

  • If the parents are married when the baby is born, either parent may register the birth
  • If the baby's parents are not married and they want the father's details to be included in the register, both parents must attend the office together to register the birth. If this is not possible, contact a registrar so that an alternative procedure can be explained to you.
  • If the parents are not married, it is not necessary to have the father's details in the register. If his details are not entered at the time of registration, there are special procedures for them to be added later if required. There may be other options in some cases.

Parental responsibility for unmarried couples

  • Unmarried fathers have equal parental responsibility if both parents register the birth of their baby together. This provides important legal rights and responsibilities. Without it, the father does not have any right to be involved in decisions such as where the baby lives, their education, religion or medical treatment. The father is treated in law as the child's parent, and takes equal responsibility for bringing him or her up.
  • A father who is not married to the baby's mother does not automatically have parental responsibility for the child
  • It is possible to gain parental responsibility by later marrying the child's mother. The father will need to sign an official agreement with the mother, or get a court order. This might be important for those with other children.

Information you will need to register a birth

  • The date and place of birth. If a multiple birth, the times of all individual births will also be needed.
  • The baby's forename(s), surname and sex
  • The baby's parents' names, surnames and places of birth (if both parents are to be shown in the entry)
  • The baby's parents' occupations
  • The baby's mother's address
  • The baby's mother's maiden name. If she has been married more than once, the name she was using to contract her last marriage
  • The date of the baby's parents' marriage
  • The number of previous children from this or any previous marriage

The documents you will receive

  • You can purchase a full birth certificate, which will be supplied at your appointment.
  • You can pre-purchase certificates when booking your appointment, and these will be issued once your baby/babies is/are registered. You can also purchase certificates, or further certificates, at the appointment.
  • You will be given the certificate(s) to take away with you

Make an appointment

Please note: If you are re-registering your child following marriage, or adding a father or parent to birth registration, call reception on 01793 522738 instead of using the online booking system below.

To make an appointment, use the online form below:

Make an appointment to register a birth

The appointment needs to be made in the mother's surname. You will need to provide the date of birth of your baby. You will be able to discuss the full name to be given to the baby at your appointment.

If possible, please do not bring children to the appointment.

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