Recycling guide

Why recycling is important in Swindon

We are committed to dealing with Swindon’s waste in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way possible.

We want our residents to share that ambition.

Documentaries such as ‘Blue Planet II’ and ‘Our Planet’ have highlighted the damage waste is causing to our environment.

We are trying to reduce the amount Swindon produces, and if that can’t be done, recycle as much as possible.

Here are some key facts about what collecting and disposing of waste means for Swindon:

  • The cost of collecting, recycling and disposing of waste costs the council around £14m every year
  • We have to meet a Government target of 50% recycling by 2020. We are currently at around 40%.
  • We collect waste from over 97,000 homes every week, with 22,000 new homes due to be built by 2030
  • In total we carry out around 150,000 collections every week. This includes refuse and recycling collections, garden, bulky and clinical waste collections.
  • In 2017/18 we collected over 92,000 tonnes of waste produced by residents. Around 40% was recycled, 56% was converted to fuel in our Solid Recovered Fuel plant and less than 4% was sent to landfill.
  • It costs around £120 to process every tonne of non-recycled waste. Recycled materials cost less to dispose of and may actually raise revenue for the borough.

The best way for you to improve your waste and recycling, is to reduce the amount of waste your household produces in the first place.

It is not only the best thing you can do for the planet but will save us money that can be used elsewhere on essential services. See also: Tips and tricks to make recycling easy

If you can't reduce your waste, try to find another use for your items. Or, recycle them using our recycling collection or at the household waste recycling centre.

Do not dispose of recyclable items in your black wheelie bin or blue bag. See also: Compulsory recycling

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