Local housing allowance for private tenants

With the introduction of Universal Credit, you can only make a new claim for Local Housing Allowance (LHA) if you are either of state pension age or living in supported accommodation.

If you are renting a property or room from a private landlord, LHA is used to work out how much Housing Benefit you will receive. It affects tenants who already receive Housing Benefit and move to accommodation owned by a private landlord.

It does not apply to people who live in council or housing association properties.

You need to make an online application to claim LHA.

Apply for LHA

The amount of allowance you will receive is based on the following:

  • Who lives with you
  • Which area you live in
  • How much money you have coming in
  • What savings you have

In some cases, the amount of allowance you are entitled to will be affected by other things, including:

  • How much your rent is
  • Whether anyone living with you is expected to contribute to your rent

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