Discretionary housing payments

Discretionary Housing Payments (DHP) are payments given to Housing Benefit claimants who need extra help to pay their rent because either:

  • The benefit they receive does not cover the whole amount, or
  • Help is required with rent deposits.

Due to the introduction of the under-occupancy changes to Housing Benefits, Discretionary Housing Payments may be granted to help people remain in their current home, particularly where they have a disability and have adapted their home to meet their needs or in other circumstances where it would be appropriate for them to remain.

For further details please see Discretionary Housing Payments Policy Statement and Procedures (PDF)

Who can apply for DHP

You may be entitled to apply for DHP if:

  • you are currently claiming Housing Benefit or Universal Credit and are having problems paying your rent
  • you are moving to smaller or cheaper accommodation and are unable to pay a rent deposit

Apply for DHP

To apply for DHP, please download and complete the Discretionary Housing Payment Application Form (PDF)

Please ensure that the Form is returned with all the evidence requested to:

The Benefits Service (Housing Benefit)
Swindon Borough Council
Admail 4143

Where DHP cannot be claimed

Swindon Borough Council cannot give DHP to assist with the following:

  • Covering your service charges, which are not covered by Housing Benefit.
  • Helping to pay your rent arrears or Council Tax.
  • Covering any amount of your Housing Benefit we have taken because your Job Seeker's Allowance has been sanctioned (not paid because you have broken the terms of your claim).
  • Paying your rent because your Benefit claim has been suspended.
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