Housing benefit

Supporting documents

Whether you are making a new claim or your circumstances have changed, you will need to provide documents and evidence to support your Housing Benefit claim. We must see the original complete documents, not copies, for each new claim. We will also need the following:

  • National Insurance number
  • Rent details
  • Address/residence details
  • Earnings, savings, investments and regular outgoings

If you have charges (such as the maintenance, cleaning and lighting of shared areas, e.g. staircases and landings) included in your rent, we will also need to see documents showing how much rent you have to pay and what charges are included in the rent you pay.

You can provide your documents to us direct in the following ways:

By post to:

The Benefits Service
Swindon Borough Council
Admail 4144

Email to: swindon.benefits@secure.capita.co.uk

Housing Associations

If you rent your home from a housing associations or organisations, then your documents can be verified at your Housing Association's local office. Please contact them for more details.


If you are self-employed, we must see evidence showing your business and earnings. We will need to see the accounts for the last financial year.


Non-dependents are people who live in your home and tend to be adult relatives (such as adult sons or daughters) or adult friends.

They are not the following:

  • Your partner
  • A child or young person who still receives Child Benefit
  • A foster child / young person living in your property
  • A boarder
  • A joint tenant, tenant or sub-tenant
  • A carer

If you have non-dependents, we will need to see the documents regarding the amount of income they receive. This is important, as the amount of income your non-dependent receives can affect the amount of benefit you receive. Non-dependents are expected to contribute to the household bills and costs.

If you do not provide evidence of your non-dependent's income, we will have to make assumptions around their income, which may reduce the amount of benefit you could be entitled to.

Examples of the type of evidence we would need to see, include wage slips. If the non-dependent claims any benefits, such as Jobseeker's Allowance, Employment Support Allowance or Income Support, please provide evidence of their National Insurance Number and we can check how much income they receive from these benefits.

Childcare Costs

If you pay childcare costs, it is important that we see documents supporting this. It means we can disregard £175.00 of your earnings if your costs relate to a single child, or £300.00 if you pay childcare costs for two or more children; until the first Monday in the September after their 15th birthday, or if you receive Disabled Child Premium until their 16th birthday. This means you could be entitled to more benefit.

Documents you need to provide to show us that you pay childcare costs, include the registration number of the child-minder or nursery or pre-school your child attends, and a copy of the contract between yourself and the childcare provider.

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