Report fly-tipping or dumped rubbish

Fly-tipping is the illegal dumping of rubbish which can be solid or liquid. 

We are responsible for investigating, clearing and taking the necessary action against anybody who is found to be fly-tipping on public land.

For small-scale fly-tipping offences, you could be handed a £400 Fixed Penalty Notice. For larger-scale fly-tipping offences, you could be fined and prosecuted.

You can report fly-tipping by using the link below. Simply mark the area on the map where the rubbish has been left and leave a few details.

Report fly-tipping

On private land, it is normally the responsibility of the landowner to remove the waste. Any request to remove dumped rubbish should first be made to the landowner. However, we will take action in certain circumstances.

You can read more information on our dumped rubbish on private land webpage.

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