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  • Small business collection of general waste, recyclable paper and cardboard
  • 1100-litre euro bins for recyclable materials
  • Commercial computer/monitor disposal
  • Commercial office/shop clearance
  • Commercial fridge/freezer collection and disposal

We offer an all-in-one mixed recycling service for all your Paper, Cardboard, Glass, Cans & Plastic. This can be put into one bin, making it easier and more convenient for your business to recycle. For small amounts of recyclable items, we can supply purple sacks. For paper and cardboard only we offer a paper sack collection service.

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All services are available via a regular weekly or fortnightly collection or as a one-off collection.

​Product ​Price*
Orange commercial waste sacks (for 25 sacks)​ £59.25
​Paper commercial waste Sacks (for 25 sacks) ​£23.85
​Orange commercial sacks (each) ​£2.45
​Paper commercial waste sacks (each) ​£1.20
Purple mixed recycling commercial sacks (for 25 sacks) £29.25
Purple mixed recycling commercial sacks (each) £1.25
Commercial Labels (each) - paper recycling​ £1.20
Commercial Sacks (for 25 labels) - paper recycling​ £23.00
​Commercial fridges/freezers (small) ​£46.70
​Commercial fridges/freezers (large) ​£93.30
​Commercial fridges/freezers (stainless steel) Request a quote

*VAT is not charged on commercial waste.

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