Tuesday, 01 September 2015

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Recycle Box Collection

All recycling box collections are fortnightly. The following items can be included:

  • Mixed paper and card (no bigger than the recycling box lid)
  • Glass (no broken glass)
  • Food and drink cans (clean)
  • Foil (clean only)
  • Aerosols
  • Mixed Textiles and Clothes (placed in a plastic bag inside the box)

Tetra Paks (the type of carton often used for fruit juice, etc.) should not be included in your recycling box, but they can be recycled if taken to a 'recycling bring site'.

We will separate all the recycling at the kerbside so you can mix it if required. You may find however, that separating it in your box may give you more room to fit in additional recycling.

Your recycling box must be placed at the nearest point of your property to the Highway by 6.30am on your day of collection.  

Please note: We will not collect your recycling if it does not meet the requirements stated above and we will place a sticker on the box explaining the reason why. If your recycling box has not been collected for any other reason please let us know.

Extra Recycle Boxes

Make the most of the space in your recycle boxes by squashing tins and cans, breaking down any cardboard boxes, stacking bottles orderly and putting shredded paper into a large envelope or cereal box.

​New Residents will receive 2 boxes. Replacements for lost/stolen/broken boxes and lids are free of charge -please state whether the box is old style orange or new style black for replacement lids.

If an additional box is required there will be a charge of £5.00 for supply and delivery. Alternatively you can collect one from the Household Waste Recycling Centre at Waterside for a cost of £4.50.

To request an additional or replacement box please e-mail streetsmart@swindon.gov.uk or call 01793 445501.

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