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Registration and Celebratory Services

On this page: Information, including contact details for the Superintendent Registrar.  

Superintendent Registrar 

The Superintendent Registrar in the Borough of Swindon is Mamie Beasant.

Proper Officer

The Registration Service is part of the Resources Group directorate of Swindon Borough Council. Stephen Taylor, Director of Law and Democratic Services, is designated 'Proper Officer' for the Registration Service.

Complaints, Comments and Compliments

If you wish to make a comment or complaint about our service, please contact the Superintendent Registrar in the first instance.  We take seriously any comments that are made to us, as it is our intention to give you an exceptional service.   

Taking a Complaint Further

If you are not happy with our response, then you can follow the Swindon Borough Council complaints procedure. 

Contact Details

Please see Registration Service - Contact

Client Survey

As part of our commitment to serving the public of Swindon we have a survey point located within the Register Office to check whether our clients are happy with the service they receive and also to find out whether there is anything we can do to improve in any area.

In addition we have customer comment cards located at all our service points and every person who uses our services for a ceremony is invited to complete a feedback questionnaire.

Results of all these methods of communication are regularly assessed and the results are summarised in our Annual Report.

Customer Charter and Annual Report

If you would like to find out more about our ongoing commitment to the public of Swindon, please see our Customer Charter and the Annual Report for Registration and Celebratory Services.

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