Swindon Borough Local Plan 2026

The Swindon Borough Local Plan 2026 is the principal planning policy document for Swindon Borough, providing the development strategy to deliver sustainable growth to the year 2026. It sets out how much development the Borough needs and identifies where, when, and how development will take place in Swindon Borough. It also includes a set of more detailed development management policies used to assess planning applications in the Borough.

The Swindon Borough Local Plan 2026 was formally adopted by Swindon Borough Council on 26 March 2015:

Accompanying the Local Plan is the Policies Map which shows where the policies apply and what uses the land is allocated for. The Policies Map has been divided into 23 overlapping tiles for ease of printing and viewing.

Please note the scale is correct when printed out at A4 size. Flood Risk Areas area as supplied by the Environment Agency in 2012 and applicants and residents are advised to check with the Environment Agency as to the latest information.

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The following documents meet the legal requirements for the Adoption of the Swindon Borough Local Plan 2026:

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