Participation of children and young people

All children have a right to express their views in all matters affecting them. Participation is not simply the process of engaging with children and young people but is also about young people having the ability to influence decisions about their lives which ultimately lead to positive changes.

We asked:

  • why is it important that you are listened to?
  • how do you feel when you are not listened to?
  • who are the people in your life you would like to hear you?
  • how do you feel when you are listened to?

Our young people then created a simple guide to help those who would like to listen to them.

Simply by listening we can help our children and young people to influence their own future in a meaningful and fulfilling way.

Please take a look at our top tips flyer (PDF) for more guidance.

Your voice is being heard

You may not be sure who to approach to have your say on things that affect your life, and to get your voice heard.  For children and young people, you could approach your school council, any student voice groups at your school/educational setting, Health Watch, STEP Swindon depending what you want to have your say about. For parents/carers, you could also approach your child/young person’s school or setting, Health Watch, Swindon SEND Families Voice (SSFV), SEND Information, Advice and Support (SIAS).

Participation with schools

Children should be given opportunities to participate and have their voices heard by all service providers and in all areas that affect their lives. An example of co-production with children within a school environment can be found on the Southfield Junior School website. The pupils co-produced the school values and then created a film introducing the school and those school values. The pupils also wrote and recorded a song about the school values, this can be listened to through the link on the school website. In an inclusive primary school, this is a really good example of children’s participation and co-production.

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