Help with housing

Please be aware that demand for a council home is very high, and sourcing this type of housing is not a quick solution.

If you feel that you meet the criteria set out in the Allocations Scheme, you can make an online application to be on the council housing waiting list. 

Who can apply?

Further details are outlined in the Allocation Scheme as qualification is based on Housing need and a local connection to the Swindon Borough area.

Applicants will qualify to join the scheme if they satisfy all of the criteria listed below.

They must:

  • be over the age of 18 or over 16 if Swindon Borough Council Social Services (Corporate Parent) have full responsibility for them. It is important to note that whilst we allow eligible 16 and 17 year-olds to join the scheme, they cannot legally hold a tenancy in their own name until they turn 18. This means that they need to have someone who can act as a guarantor and hold their tenancy in trust for them. Some Housing Associations, due to their internal policies on minimum age of tenants, may be unwilling to consider applicants under the age of 18
  • be living and/or working in the Swindon Borough Council area and meet the local connection requirements or meet one of the requirements for having an exception to local connection, set out in this scheme
  • be a British citizen or be granted leave to remain in the UK. Be habitually resident in the UK
  • have a housing need as defined in Appendix 5; except for
    • applicants who are 60 years or over and wish to be considered for sheltered accommodation flats only
    • regular Armed Forces personnel subject to criteria set out in this allocation scheme
    • those deemed eligible for keyworkers accommodation, subject to criteria set out in this allocation scheme.
  • have insufficient financial resources to secure accommodation, within the open market, whether in the private rented sector, shared or full ownership

Contact details

Lettings Customer Service Team
Housing Department
Wat Tyler House East
Beckhampton Street

Telephone: 01793 445503 

There are a number of different options available to enable you to live independently.

Depending on your situation you may wish to rent privately, through the local authority or in supported accommodation.

We have a duty to prevent you from becoming homeless or to help you find somewhere else to live if you do become homeless.

The Housing Options Team can help you with any housing related difficulties and can be contacted on 01793 445503 or via

For further information, see the homelessness page.

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