Information, advice and advocacy

Attention and concentration (ADHD)

Getting help through local services and crisis support


Get help and support through local services and resources

Care and education treatment reviews (CETRs)

Information about the treatment available to people with learning disabilities and autism

Children’s occupational therapy information and advice

Support for children and young people to enjoy daily activities

Children's speech and language therapy information and advice

Series of pages providing support and advice about referrals and services

Citizens Advice

Contact information, opening times and resources

Developmental language disorder (DLD)

Details about the diagnosis given to children and young people who have language difficulties

Disagreement resolution, mediation and tribunal

Process for reaching a solution with special educational provision 

Drug and alcohol support services

Find the substance use disorder service and other support

Information, advice and advocacy for children and young people with SEND

Find details about the information, support and advice service

Making a complaint, comment or giving feedback

How to give feedback about SEND services in Swindon

NHS funding

Local policies to ensure fair treatment for all

Privacy notices for the SEND service

Information about how we collect and use your personal data

Sexual health

Confidential advice, support and useful resources

SIAS - Swindon SEND information, advice and support service

Advice and support about education, health and social care

Specialist equipment

Find details about auxiliary aids and services for children and young people with SEND

What is the process for health transitions?

Feedback your views in our survey about visiting hospital

Your voice

Series of pages providing advice, support and specialist resources