Town centre regeneration

Town centre projects

Revitalising the town centre is one of six priorities outlined in our economic strategy for Swindon. In order to achieve positive change, the Town Centre Masterplan sets out proposals for further investment in high quality development, public realm and infrastructure. The Masterplan identifies the key projects, which together will make Swindon town centre a more attractive, successful and competitive town centre.

The regeneration of the town centre presently focuses on a number of schemes running from the town’s historic Railway Heritage Quarter to the train station, and then along Fleming Way to Kimmerfields, next to the new Zurich headquarters.

We have successfully obtained government funding for the majority of these schemes and it is hoped this will act as a catalyst for investment in the retail heart of the town centre, whilst reconnecting it to its unique heritage and excellent transport links.

Further detail on the town centre projects can be found on the following webpages:

Town Centre projects map

Map showing key areas of town centre regeneration


Interactive projects map

Explore the Swindon town centre regeneration projects with this interactive map, helping you to locate and visualise the projects across the town centre:

Town Centre Movement Strategy

Adopted by Cabinet in March 2020, the Town Centre Movement Strategy sets out a package of transport interventions (schemes) that will deliver improvements to movement into and within the town centre.

Further details can be viewed on the Town Centre Movement Strategy webpage.

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