Town centre regeneration

What is the council's role in regenerating the town centre?

Local business rates are set by central government, which uses the revenue raised to fund public services. Meanwhile, most of the rents in the town centre are controlled by private landlords.

But, where the council can help is by using its legal powers, assets, access to targeted funding, local knowledge and influence to unlock changes. Investing in the town centre public realm, land and buildings that we do own, as well as coordinating the efforts of partners across the private, public and voluntary sectors.

You can find out more information about the various town centre projects we are leading on, which includes investing £100M in the town centre over the next four years, following successful funding bids to central government.

This includes the £33M redevelopment of Fleming Way. This will create a new bus interchange, pedestrian and cycle routes to make the centre of Swindon easier to access and move around.

We’re also working with partners to deliver five town centre regeneration schemes worth £19.6M using money from the Government’s Towns Fund, including a project that will help bring land at Kimmerfields into productive use to support new homes and offices.

Through the five-year, £7.6M Swindon Heritage Action Zone programme, we are working with partners to restore and repair neglected public buildings and bring them back into use, improve public spaces and connections between the historic railway village and the town centre.

The snowball effect of this investment in the town centre, alongside that of the private sector in amenities, homes and offices, will only help to attract further investment into Swindon.

While it’s true there aren’t any quick fixes to the common challenges facing town centres, we’re committed for the long-haul and doing everything we can as part of a collective effort.

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